Professional services we provide

BMMI – Layout through Lintel

BMMI is a full service layout through Lintel Company. We work from your survey points laying out the footer or grade beam through the top floor tie beam (lintel), including elevated slabs as per your plans.

  1. Site Preparation - Lot and land clearing, scalp, dirt hauling, backfill, final grade

  2. Footers and Grade Beams - all sizes of footers and grade beams

  3. Slab On Grade - Concrete house slabs and AC pads

  4. Block - Concrete masonry block units laid on running bond

  5. Tie beam/Lintel - Continuous cast in place concrete beam over top of walls and freestanding beams

  6. Structural concrete - such as cast in place stairs, columns, and sheer walls

  7. Elevated slabs - Shored up and poured as an elevated slab and roofs supported by columns and steel rebar

  8. ICF – insulated concrete forms