Bob Miller Masonry, Inc. (BMMI) began operations in 1977. Founders Bob and Betty Miller began as a ‘mom & pop’ business, but within a few years, BMMI grew from a three-man crew run out of the Miller family home to a thriving successful business that has spanned four decades and three generations.

Always forward-thinking, the Millers consistently invested in both, developing a fully skilled workforce and expanding their services, products, technology and expertise to meet the changing and increasingly demanding requirements of the 21st Century construction industry. Because of their impressive reputation BMMI is considered one of the leading building corporations in the Sarasota-Manatee area. Bob and Betty officially retired in 1999, selling the family business to their two sons, Ken and Rod.

Through their years of hands-on training and experience, Ken and Rod have developed a passion for every aspect of the masonry and structural concrete business. They worked from the bottom to the top, learning what goes into each role in the company, from a simple job site chore to the most complex construction analysis. Ken and Rod continued to grow the family business and train the next generation of leaders.


In 2021, BMMI officially became a 3rd generation family-owned company when Ken and Rod sold the business to their sons Kyle, Chad, Michael, and Jamie, along with son-in-law, Jeremy Stokes and Construction Manager, Phil Stutzman. The six new owners have grown up in the business and over time developed into experts of all areas of the company.

Together, the 3rd Generation owners have a vision to push the limits beyond what has been established while continuing the legacy of its founders, by operating with the same core values and principals. Our mission is to be the trusted partner for the leading general contractors by consistently delivering superior quality, on-time and on-budget completion, with the highest workmanship available on the most unique and complex projects.